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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Experience?

Experience, Inc. is the acknowledged leader in running career center websites for colleges and universities throughout the US since 1996. Today, 4.2 million students and recent graduates use the Experience network to look for entry-level jobs and get information that helps them bridge the gap between school and the professional world. 3,800 colleges and universities nationwide are in the Experience Network, and more than 500 schools and organizations are exclusively partnered with Experience to deliver career services to job-seeking college students, recent graduates and members of alumni associations and honor societies. Over 100,000 employers and recruiters use Experience to connect with the best entry-level talent.

What is Experience Connect?

Experience Connect™ is a group of new services from designed to connect entry-level qualified candidates with employers looking to hire those candidates in a way where both parties can find and make the right match.

What is a Proactive Post?

A Proactive Post™ is a new job posting service from Experience, Inc. and is part of a series of new employer services called Experience Connect. A Proactive Post includes a job posting to schools in the Experience network and an integrated outreach to a select number of qualified candidates to invite them to apply to a specific job. The employer sets the criteria for their candidate pool by location, major, G.P.A. and grad year. The result is a highly qualified list of candidates which meet the employer's requirements and who are also interested in the job and company.

How is Proactive Post different from Experience's other Posting products?

Using a Proactive Post, acts on your behalf to bring you qualified candidates who also have a predisposition for the geography where your job is located. It extends our traditional posting services to include a proactive outreach to a specific pool of candidates that eliminates unqualified candidates, improves the likelihood of engaging stronger candidates and surfaces candidates who are from the location of your job or who profess an interest in being in that location.

How does Proactive Post work?

Proactive Post delivers more qualified candidates to employers by allowing employers to view and define their pool of candidates through 4 easy steps:
1. Give us your job location by entering a zip code on the interactive map (we'll show you all the candidates interested in that location)
2. Have us post your job to schools in the Experience network
3. Select your candidate criteria by: Major, G.P.A, and grad year
4. Review your target pool and enter your job description

Can I Enter My Location?

To enter your job location, you must enter the zip code of the job location in the box to the left. If you don't know your zip code, there is a link next to the box to look it up.

How Are Metropolitan Areas Determined?

Metropolitan regions are determined based on the U.S. Post Office designations. You can explore the map to see what metro regions have the highest number of job-seekers and the profile of those candidates.

Who Will See My Job Post?

Your job post will be visible to all students and alumni associated with the schools you target in Step 2. If you post your job to all schools in the Experience network, your job will be visible to over a million students and alumni.

When Do I Enter My Job Description?

You can enter your job details in Step 4, before payment. Or, if you wish, you can enter your job details later at any time from the "My Premium Posts" page. All we require before payment is a Job Title.

When Will My Job Post and Proactive Outreach Be Active?

All job posts are reviewed before being activated. In most cases, once you have submitted your job details, your job will be live on our network and outreach will be deployed within 12 hours.

When is Proactive Post Available?

Proactive Post is available in October 2010. It will be available to any employer logging into their school account(s) and to new employers throughout the US.

What is the size of the candidate pool for ExperienceConnect?

ExperienceConnect engages qualified candidates between 2007 and 2012 who are looking for employment. The total qualified candidate pool is approximately 200,000 candidates and growing daily from schools, honor societies and alumni across the Experience Network of nearly 5.5 million candidates.

Does ExperienceConnect support in-market candidates or just students?

ExperienceConnect engages qualified candidates between 2007 and 2011 who are looking for employment. Although employers may find some senior students in the candidate mix, they will not be in the available candidate pool if they are outside the bounds defined to be qualified. Half of all candidates in the Experience Network are alumni or considered in-market.

Will students be accessible from ExperienceConnect?

Although employers may find some senior students in the candidate pool, they will not be in the available candidate pool if they are outside the bounds defined by the employer as being qualified. If an employer is looking only for internships, they should link to Experience's eRecuiting solution designed specifically to serve college and university students.

How is ExperienceConnect different from eRecruiting?

ExperienceConnect is a for-pay service designed to connect qualified alumni and in-market entry level candidates who are looking for entry level employment now with the right jobs and employers. eRecuiting is an on-campus solution designed to power your schools career center and to make internships, jobs and job advice available to in-school students. There is no cost to students to use eRecuiting.